sabato 18 luglio 2015

Stamperia Creative Workshop - Tokyo

July, 12th, 13th, 14h 2015

We leave Milan Malpensa at 6.40 a.m., our new adventure is begun. Me and Luana, my creative colleague, are ready to conquest the East... a little sleepy, but full of enthusiasm!
During the long flight, we review the program: it's the second time in Tokio for me. Luana has never been in Japan but, with a view of our trip, she has studied everything about japanese culture.
We land at Narita Airport at 11.00 a.m. Eddie, our japanese friend, is waiting for us: he accompanies us to visit the famous Tokyo Tower, because we have to wait until 2 p.m. for our hotel room... and the japanese are very strict about time!
We climb on the highest tower of the city and, once there, we can admire all the centre of Tokyo, with its skyscrapers, its big streets, its vivacity. 333 metres height: the Tower's structure reminds the Tour Eiffel, but this japanese version is red, manually painted. Within the construction there are a lot of shops, restaurants and spaces to organize exclusive music concerts.

Walking through the streets, I'm surprised by the view of a strange schoolbus that looks like... a giant Pokemon! Luana, a great Manga fan, explain me something about that curious creature.

Tokyo is famous for its temples. There are a lot of these ancinet and holy edifices among modern skyscrapers. Most of these temples have been restructured, but they preserve an ancient charm. All around, amazing japanese gardens: well-kept, harmonious, rich of little lakes with carps, traditional red bridges and  stone statues.

Our perfect afternoon flies quickly, it's time to leave our luggage to the hotel, then to prepare the products for our courses and, in the end, a good japanese dinner: beer and a delicious sushi with tempura.

I hold my courses in a reputed Creative Institute. Mariko San is the creative who manages the school, she helps us with translations during the lessons.
In the beginning, participants had to be 20... but, in the end, we arrived at 42 pupils!
I've illustrated many different projects and techniques:
A tray decorated with mixmedia decoupage rice paper;
A romantic box with cracklé on plaquette;
A mixed media on canvas;
A box with stencil and roses;
A clock decorated with decoupage rice paper.

After the official introduction and an appropriate bow (bows are like our handshakes), we organize three groups, each one sitting at one table. Then, we start with lesson, explaining step by step every project. A great enthusiasm and curiosity for Stamperia techniques and style arouse!

This adventure has been an incredible experience,  we felt like home! Creativity can go beyond difficulties... even beyond language differences. Our workshop ended with satisfaction and a big wish to meet again.
Here, a final class picture...

Now, I have to prepare my suitcase for my next travel to Russia

See you soon Japan!

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