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Good morning,

happy to be with you! Welcome to my blog, I hope to receive many contacts from you all,
hence just few world to introduce myself: my name is Monica Paruta, a born artist, daughter of a
painter, my first steps were among oil paint and canvas!
My town is Bergamo, North Italy, still I am living here, an artistic and exclusive town with many
Historical sites.
What happened in my life to make my dream become true, nearly without understanding how it took place? Actually my professional and creative path can be summarized in few steps.
From my early childhood I was scribbling on everything and using my hands to assemble and make
manual activity, further more I was always attracted by colours. Later on I was a strenuous follower
of  a periodical encyclopedia for teenagers about “To make and to construct”. I remember that I
realized  the projects demonstrated in the books several times and in different ways. Growing up  I had a great interest in foreign languages and journey. I graduated in languages and I started working as a manager in a multinational Company. In the meantime I was visiting and following all sort of classes and exhibitions about art and decoration and I started to teach art. Visiting the Exhibition “Planet Creativity” in 2004 I met for the first time “Stamperia” world and then it was
reciprocal love : I started an adventure with many experiences, satisfactions and many travels around the world.
I live with Luca and my two fantastic little creative, Ginevra and Marlene, carrying out happily my mission of mother, depending on my very demanding work-passion between Italy and ..the rest of the world.
I am always very keen to visit Art Exhibitions and all is concerning decorative arts, during 10 years of activity I met thousands of crafters and I think that they enjoyed my Classes and Academy
concerning Stamperia innovative techniques and products regarding decoupage, painting, scrapbooking, modeling, felt……with a small preference for creative painting and mixed media.
I am waiting for your participation, become my follower we will spend good time together with
classes in Italian, French and English, get involved with my project of life:

creativity in all its expressions!

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  1. Monica! Chao! Hello from Moscow! It's Diana!
    I woud like to ask you some questions about your cooperation with Stamperia!
    I'm interested in technology:
    1. how do you find customers for the workshops: is it customers of Stamperia or not necessary? What about materials and any staff for workshops? Did you buy it before?
    2. Did you make a video for Stamperia youself?
    3. Sales at the client: it's your problem or not?

    I would be very grateful for any information!
    Thank you. Sincerely yours